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Summary Edit

In Hackers, a program is a virus used to hack into other networks. Programs are created in the game through the use of the Compiler node, and are stored in the Program Library. The player starts with a basic offensive program, the Beam Cannon, and can research and upgrade the capabilities of known programs through the use of the Evolver.

Characteristics Edit

All programs have three main characteristics: install time, disk space and compilation time.

  • Install Time: the amount of time that it takes for it to be installed onto a node.
  • Disk Space: the amount of slots in the Program Library that the program uses up.
  • Compilation Time: the amount of time required to assemble the program in the Compiler.

In addition to these characteristics, Stealth, Offensive and Defensive programs have additional values which open up different ways of attacking and defending against other networks.

Hackers Wikia - Programs List
Yazılım Bağlantı Oynanış

Battering ram Koçbaşı  Ion cannon Işık Topu  Blaster Patlatıcı  Kraken Kraken(Türkçe) 
Maniac Kaçık  Shuriken Ninja Yıldızı  Shock Şok Edici  Worms Solucanlar 


Icewall ICE Duvarı  Protector Koruyucu 


Access Geçit  Dataleach Veri Emici  Portal Portal(Türkçe)  Wraith Hayalet 

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