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Worms primary trait is that they multiply. Install one and you'll soon have many.

The Worm is a Brute Force Offensive Program which has the special ability to replicate and install itself. The Worm will attack connected nodes one at a time.

It has the following action priorities:

  1. It attacks an adjacent node with the highest Attack Priority.
  2. If all adjacent nodes are captured, it will replicate itself in its residing node, unless the node is full.
  3. If the residing node is full, it installs duplicates of itself in adjacent empty program slots. (Citation needed for order of installation.)

Each duplication takes 0.5 to 3 seconds, depending on level, and the timer is reset when an adjacent node is recaptured by the network.

Worms, unlike Beam Cannons, have a dynamic attack priority, and will change its attack target immediately if an adjacent node with higher Attack Priority is reclaimed by the network.

Statistics Edit

  • Notes: While the Worms program is technically allowed to upgrade at the Evolver levels displayed, the Capacity of B-coins that can be held at those levels may not be sufficient to purchase the upgrade.
    More Info here: Max amount of B-coins at Core Level.
Program Stats
(per hit)
11263.0 secondsB5
21472.9 secondsB10
31682.8 secondsB20
41892.7 secondsB30
520102.5 secondsB40
62311.52.4 secondsB50
726132.3 secondsB60
830152.2 secondsB70
934172.0 secondsB80
103919.51.9 secondsB90
1144221.8 secondsB100
125125.51.7 secondsB110
1358291.5 secondsB120
1466331.4 secondsB130
157537.51.3 secondsB140
1686431.2 secondsB150
1798491.0 secondsB170
1811155.50.9 secondsB190
1912763.50.8 secondsB210
2014572.50.7 secondsB230
2116582.50.5 secondsB250
Research Stats
Evolver Level
1B2562502 Hours2
2B2,0484008 Hours3
3B4,09642510 Hours3
4B8,00045012 Hours4
5B16,00047518 Hours4
6B32,00050024 Hours5
7B48,00057530 Hours5
8B60,00065036 Hours6
9B80,00072542 Hours6
10B100,00080048 Hours7
11B120,00082554 Hours7
12B140,00085060 Hours8
13B160,00087566 Hours8
14B180,00090072 Hours9
15B200,00093080 Hours9
16B220,00096088 Hours10
17B260,0001,00096 Hours10
18B300,0001,125108 Hours11
19B340,0001,250120 Hours11
20B380.0001,500144 Hours12
21B420,0001,750168 Hours12
TotalsB3,070,40017,2151,286 Hours12

Patch Notes Edit

As of Patch v1.025, Worm's Duplication Time scales with their level. This was previously 3 seconds at every level.

Tips Edit

  • Worms can save programs and time by capturing weaker nodes and ones of less importance.
  • Placing Worms at the back of the network behind your main attack will give them time to replicate while initial nodes are taken care of.
  • Worms work well with the Kraken.
  • You can remove a program from a node to give Worms space to move forward.
  • Be careful around a Code Gate. Since Worms will always choose to attack when able, a Code Gate directly on a branching path will cause your Worms to stay there until the gate is removed.
  • Typically, you will only need a worm or two per hack as they will multiply.
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