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Turret 19-21

"A popular local defense system. It locates nearby hostile programs and focuses on them until they are deleted. To increase its strength upgrade it to higher levels."

Turret 01 Turret 02-03 Turret 04-05 Turret 06-07 Turret 08-09
Level 1 Level 2-3 Level 4-5 Level 6-7 Level 8-9
Turret 10-12 Turret 13-15 Turret 16-18 Turret 19-21
Level 10-12 Level 13-15 Level 16-18 Level 19-21

Summary Edit

The Turret is an offensive Security Node. During the Brute Force phase of an attack, it will fire a continuous beam cannon at a connected node and will not change target until after it is secured.

Statistics Edit

Node ConnectionsProgram Slots
Core Level 1 2 - 43 - 89 - 1011 - 12
Max # of
Level Firewall Strength Cost Completion
Core Level
130015$2,00015 Minutes1 Turret 01
233517$8,00030 Minutes 2 Turret 02-03
337019$65,0001 Hour3
441021$125,0004 Hours4 Turret 04-05
545524$250,0006 Hours5
650527$500,00012 Hours 6 Turret 06-07
756030$750,00024 Hours7
862033$1,000,00036 Hours7 Turret 08-09
969037$1,500,00048 Hours7
1077042$2,000,00060 Hours7 Turret 10-12
1185047$2,500,00072 Hours
13 Turret 13-15
16 Turret 16-18
19 Turret 19-21

Tips Edit

  • When defending a network, Turrets work well in conjunction with Black ICE.
  • Connect them to defend nodes with low Firewalls. Multiple Turrets protecting the same node can quickly recapture a compromised node.
  • When hacking a network, Turrets can be distracted if they are connected to multiple nodes.
  • Turrets start in a secured state and as such, are immediately black. A Sentry connected to a Turret will install an antivirus after 0.5 seconds.
  • Turrets with an antivirus installed will attack with both their beam cannon and antivirus, substantially increasing their damage output.

Patch Notes Edit

  • As of patch v1.005, Turrets have a 0.5 second delay before they start firing. [1].

References Edit

  1. Trickster Arts Forums - Patch Notes
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