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Black ICE 19-21 Code Gate 19-21 Guardian 21 Sentry 19-21 Scanner 19-21 Turret 19-21
Black ICE Code Gate Guardian Sentry Scanner Turret

Introduction Edit

Security nodes are used to provide protection for your network, defending your Business Nodes and Core. Some basic nodes are available at the beginning of the game, with upgraded and more advanced nodes being available for purchase with resources as you progress and increase the level of your Core.

All the nodes correspond to different given ICE archetypes and protect using different mechanisms:

  • Sentry: Deploys antivirus to all nodes, granting any node the ability to defend against intrusions.
  • Turret: Basic attack node. Attacks with a continuous stream on a compromised node.
  • Black ICE: Advanced attack node. Attacks with slow but strong blasts to a compromised node.
  • Code Gate: Basic defense node. Acts as a wall to attacking programs.
  • Scanner: Advanced defense node. Alerts network of stealth attacks.
  • Guardian: Advanced defense node. Strengthens the firewalls of connected nodes.

Defense priorities Edit

This is the list of which nodes defenses target first WARNING: This list is based on observations, and is currently unreliable/incomplete due to the difficulty in testing. Please add Data/testing results.

  • Lowest firewall
  • Sentry nodes
  • Defense nodes
  • Core
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