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This greedy malware speeds up the downloading of money, B-coins and Core databases. May be used even in stealth mode on nodes you have access to.

The Data Leech is a Hybrid Program that can be used in both Stealth and Brute Force Hacks to increase the speed at which resources are taken from Business Nodes. Data Leech can also be installed on a Core to increase the speed at which the Core's information is downloaded.

If the player is discovered during a Stealth hack while Data Leech programs are installed, they will be removed from the nodes. Any resources taken are kept, and the Core download will continue from the same point once the Core is captured. If the player successfully downloads the Core and chooses to commence a Brute Force attack, they will still need to capture the Core to fulfil the control win condition. During both types of hacks, installing more Data Leeches on a captured node will further shorten the download time.

Statistics Edit

  • Notes: While the Data Leech is technically allowed to upgrade at the Evolver levels displayed, the Capacity of B-coins that can be held at those levels may not be sufficient to purchase the upgrade.
    More Info here: Max amount of B-coins at Core Level.
Estadísticas Programas
Nivel Visibility
(per second)
128 / Segundo50%B5
226 / Segundo55%B10
324 / Segundo60%B20
422 / Segundo65%B30
520 / Segundo70%B40
618 / Segundo75%B50
716 / Segundo80%B60
814 / Segundo85%B70
913 / Segundo90%B80
1012 / Segundo95%B90
1111 / Segundo100%B100
1210 / Segundo105%B110
139 / Segundo110%B120
148 / Segundo115%B130
157 / Segundo120%B140
166 / Segundo125%B150
175 / Segundo130%B170
184 / Segundo135%B190
193 / Segundo140%B210
202 / Segundo145%B230
211 / Segundo150%B250
Estadísticas de Investigación
Nivel Costo
Nivel Evolucionador
1B5122001 Hora2
2B2,0483004 Horas2
3B4,0964008 Horas3
4B8,00045012 Horas4
5B16,00050024 Horas4
6B32,00057530 Horas5
7B48,00065036 Horas5
8B60,00072542 Horas6
9B80,00080048 Horas6
10B100,00082554 Horas7
11B120,00085060 Horas7
12B140,00087566 Horas8
13B160,00090072 Horas8
14B180,00093080 Horas9
15B200,00096088 Horas9
16B220,0001,00096 Horas10
17B260,0001,080104 Horas10
18B300,0001,160112 Horas11
19B340,0001,250120 Horas11
20B380,0001,375132 Horas12
21B420,0001,500144 Horas12
TotalB3,070,65617,3051,334 Horas12

Tips Edit

  • A Level 1 Core takes around 30 seconds to download. Using a Data Leech on the Core when the time remaining is between 20 and 30 seconds will result in a full download.
  • In stealth, multiple Data Leeches are not always more efficient (download boost/visibility cost). It is always best to install a single Leech on each node targeted until they are level 7. Scanners also influence the efficiency of Data Leeches, with higher level scanners requiring higher level Leeches before multiple is more efficient than one.
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