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Guardian 21

"When an intrusion is detected the Guardian starts installing protective subroutines on neighbour nodes."

Guardian 01 Guardian 02-03 Guardian 04-05 Guardian 06-07 Guardian 08-09
Level 1 Level 2-3 Level 4-5 Level 6-7 Level 8-9
Guardian 10-12 Guardian 13-15 Guardian 16-18 Guardian 19-20 Guardian 21
Level 10-12 Level 13-15 Level 16-18 Level 19-20 Level 19-21

Summary Edit

The Guardian is a defensive Security Node. During the Brute Force phase in a hack, Guardians provide connected nodes with a shield one at a time every five seconds. The Guardian will finally provide itself with a shield once all connecting nodes are shielded. Guardian shields will prevent damage equal to the Protection statistic. Once depleted, the shield will be removed. Guardians will replenish shield to connected nodes that have the shield depleted.

Statistics Edit

Node ConnectionsProgram Slots
Core Level1 - 5 6 - 78 - 1011 - 12
Max # of
Level Firewall Protection Cost Completion
Core Level
125080$125,00012 Hours6 Guardian 01
228090$250,00018 Hours6 Guardian 02-03
3310102$500,00024 Hours7
4340115$750,00036 Hours7 Guardian 04-05
5380130$1,000,00048 Hours7
6420147$1,250,00060 Hours8 Guardian 06-07
7470167$1,500,00072 Hours8
8520188$2,000,00092 Hours9 Guardian 08-09
9580213$3,000,00096 Hours
10 Guardian 10-12
13 Guardian 13-15
16 Guardian 16-18
19 Guardian 19-20
21 Guardian 21

Tips Edit

  • Guardian shields are not passed on to nodes that are upgrading.
  • Because of its five node connections and low firewall, using a Guardian as a choke point with four security nodes (Turret or Black ICE) works well to defend a network.
  • Guardian shields can be depleted by a Battering Ram.
  • The order in which it installs protection on neighboring nodes is mirroring the order in which it's neighbors are attacked. Besides that, it always installes the protection on itself last.
  • There is currently a bug where, when a Guardian shield is broken by a Blaster, the excess damage goes directly towards the firewall, bypassing any other shields the node has.
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