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Scanner 19-21

"Increases stealth program detection on all nodes three steps away and closer.
Access, Wraith and Portal programs alarm the network faster."

Scanner 01 Scanner 02-03 Scanner 04-05 Scanner 06-07 Scanner 08-09
Level 1 Level 2-3 Level 4-5 Level 6-7 Level 8-9
Scanner 10-12 Scanner 13-15 Scanner 16-18 Scanner 19-21
Level 10-12 Level 13-15 Level 16-18 Level 19-21

Summary Edit

The Scanner is a defensive Security Node. During the Stealth phase in a hack, the Scanner will increase the stealth cost of any stealth programs to nodes installed within 3 connections of the Scanner. The increase is based on the sensitivity statistic. As sometimes mentioned on the loading screen hints, if a network connection has two Scanners overlapping, the Scanner with the highest level be will prioritized.

Statistics Edit

Node ConnectionsProgram Slots
Core Level0 - 3 4 5 - 910 - 12
Max # of
Level Firewall Sensitivity Cost Completion
Core Level
1180120%$16,0004 Hours4 Scanner 01
2200130%$32,00012 Hours 4 Scanner 02-03
3225140%$64,00024 Hours5
4250150%$125,00036 Hours 5 Scanner 04-05
5285160%$250,00048 Hours6
6320180%$500,00060 Hours6 Scanner 06-07
7360200%$750,00072 Hours7
8400220%$1,000,00092 Hours7 Scanner 08-09
9450240%$1,500,00096 Hours8
10500260%$2,000,000108 Hours8 Scanner 10-12
11560280%$2,500,000120 Hours9
12630300%$3,000,000132 Hours9
13700320%$3,500,000144 Hours9 Scanner 13-15
14790340%$4,000,000 10
15880360%$4,500,000168 Hours10
16990380%$5,000,000192 Hours10 Scanner 16-18
171,100400% 11
19 Scanner 19-21

Tips Edit


  • Defensively, Scanners have 4 connections and a low firewall relative to other nodes, while only allowing 3 programs to be installed on it. This makes it a good candidate for creating a choke point on your Network if connected to plenty of Security Nodes.
  • When attacking a Scanner that has been used as a choke point (see above), ICE Walls will need to be installed quickly. Consider using Shocker or Protector in conjuction with Ice Walls if the node is being recaptured too quickly.
  • Placement is crucial. If the Scanner is too close to the netConnection, an attacker can disable it with Wraith then Stealth through the remaining nodes. If the Scanner is too far from the netConnection, an attacker can easily disable any defenses close to netConnections.
  • If a network has a solitary Scanner, the network is especially vulnerable to Stealth attacks during the upgrade of the Scanner. As a defender, upgrade the Scanner as fast as possible. As an attacker, if you notice that your future victim's network has no working Scanner, consider using Stealth as a method of attack.
  • If you *scan* long enough, who knows what you may find?! I have no idea what Q R talking about...

Tips for 2 Scanners Edit

  • Have more than one Scanner may be beneficial. One on lowest level as a choke point, second on high level as an actual defense against Stealth hack.
  • Later in the game, having two high level Scanners can prove useful if your network has multiple net connections or if the first scanner is close to a netConnection.

Stealth Attacks Edit

  • Keep an eye on stealth bar. It will take some practice and several attempts before you are able to roughly estimate how many nodes you will able to cover and how many programs you can place before you are detected. Try to keep into account the level and placement of the Scanner to discern if you are able to attempt a full Stealth hack or transition into a Brute Force hack.
  • Disabling the Scanner may or may not be worth doing so depending on the level and position of the Scanner as well as if there is a second Scanner in the network.
  • Code Gates are prime nodes to have a Scanner covering as installation of the Access program is increased proportional to the Filter statistic, almost necessitating the use of the Wraith program to disable a Gate first.
  • Security Nodes nodes are prime targets for Wraith or Portal; try to cover them within range of a Scanner.
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