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Summary Edit

The Black Market provides various network and Node enhancements for your visual enjoyment. Skins are unlocked at varying levels of Reputation and then purchased with Credits. Once a skin is unlocked you can preview it before purchasing. Losing Reputation does not affect unlocked skins.

Name Reputation
Cost Image
Ergo Light0C 0
Skin Ergo Light
Ergo Dark250C 100
Skin Ergo Dark
Lost Archives500C 250
Skin Lost Archives
3D Chip750C 750
Skin 3D Chip
White Matrix1,000C 1,000
Skin White Matrix
Datacenter1,250C 500
Skin Datacenter
Ghost City1,500C 1,500
Skin Ghost City
Forsaken Cloud1,750C 1,000
Skin Forsaken Cloud
Volcano2,000C 2,500
Skin Volcano
Red Matrix2,000C 800
Skin Red Matrix
Horizon2,250C 1,500
Skin Horizon
Endless2,500C 3,000
Skin Endless
Cyberdream2,750C 2,000
Skin Cyberdream
Eternity3,000C 5,000
Skin Eternity
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