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Patch NotesEdit

v1.004 - Hot Fixes - 24/09/16 [1]

  • First patch after release is here, solving the majority of issues reported during the first days of Hackers being live.

v1.005 - New App - 5/10/16 [2]

(Due to the following changes, old replays will no longer work.)

  • Tutorial improved
  • Shield notification added.
  • Fixed - Network rarely was not saving.
  • Fixed - Missions rarely was not possible to finish.
  • Fixed - Not enough money to finish tutorial.
  • Beam Cannon - Strength slightly reduced on higher levels.
  • Turrets - There is now a 0.5 second delay before they start shooting

A Rebalancing Hotfix was applied on 11/10/16.

v1.006 - Device Link - 24/10/16 [3]

  • Now you can connect your network to a device on a different platform! (World Map - Options - Link Device)
  • Connecting to more devices on the same platform is the same as it was - automatically through Game Center or Google Play services.
  • Server Maintenance info - you will get notified in advance about upcoming server maintenance.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Many small issues fixed.

A Target Selection Hotfix was applied on 11/11/16. [4]

  • Players who have been active for less than 3 hours will no longer be chosen as a target for player created scenarios, although this condition is disregarded if there are not enough eligible players to pick from.

A Target Selection Hotfix was applied on 28/11/16. [5]

  • Search parameters have been adjusted to exclude targets that are too high or too low relative to your level, although this condition is disregarded if there are not enough eligible players to pick from.

References Edit

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