Summary Edit

The security log is an in-game console which provides information on hack attempts to a player's network. When a player logs in, a visual indicator (exclamation mark) will appear over the console to indicate that there are security events to review. Replays are available to view for 7 days and the logs are available to view for 14 days.

Available Information Edit

The security log provides detailed information of every hack attempt including:

  • Player codename, level and country
  • Programs used for the attack
  • Date and time of the attack
  • Result of the attack. This can be either Hacked (one of the hacking objectives have been fulfilled; core, resources, control) or Secured (it was not)
  • Points lost (or gained) by the player as a result of the hack
  • Resources (dollars and B-coins) looted by the hacker

From the security log console the attacks can be replayed and an attacker can be retraced, unless the attack was a stealth attack.

Replaying attacks Edit

When an attacked is replayed a real-time simulation of the hack attempt is shown. This replay can be paused or restarted. As of Patch v1.025, you can review Offensive and Defensive replays at up to 4x speed, by selecting the fast forward button when viewing a replay. A replay can be exited using the "Disconnect" button.

Replaying a successful or unsuccessful hack attempt can provide insight on how a network was compromised and how it defended itself against an attack. The replay will show the programs activated by the attacker in each of the nodes compromised (red nodes).

A player can find it useful to learn about different hacking techniques and the actual behaviour of different programs. This information can be useful, for example, to decide which programs should be investigated in the Evolver. A player may also find a replay of another player hacking their network useful as they can learn about the flaws in their system, which programs can exploit said flaw, and how it can be resolved.

Retracing attacks Edit

Any Brute Force hack, whether successful or not, can be retraced back to the originating player. Hacks that were made using only Stealth programs are unable to be retraced. If the "Retrace" button is selected, the player can connect to the network of the attacker, and can decide to either hack it now or disconnect and attack later.

Once a retrace attack has been attempted, the "Retrace" button will disappear from the Security Log for all available retraces to that player, so it is advised not to wait too long before retracing an attack. Note that a target may also be able to retrace your counter attack, based on the above criteria.

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