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Freeze all neighbor nodes for a short time. Disabling security nodes buys you extra time to remove them.

The Shocker is a Brute Force Offensive Program which stuns all connected, uncaptured nodes for a period of time equal to the "Freeze Time" statistic. This can give a player time to safely install longer programs such as Protector or Blaster. Security Nodes are also unable to retaliate while stunned. Firewall regeneration of all affected nodes is prevented throughout the duration.

The Shocker will remove itself immediately after it has stunned the connected nodes, freeing up the slot for an additional program.

On this video you can see the basics of how the Shocker program can be used to take down a network.

Estatísticas Edit

  • Notes: While the Shocker is technically allowed to upgrade at the Evolver levels displayed, the Capacity of B-coins that can be held at those levels may not be sufficient to purchase the upgrade.
    More Info here: Max amount of B-coins at Core Level.
Program Stats
Nível Freeze Time
Custo de
13.0 SegundosB25
23.5 SegundosB40
34.0 SegundosB55
44.5 SegundosB70
55.0 SegundosB85
65.5 SegundosB100
76.0 SegundosB120
86.5 SegundosB140
97.0 SegundosB160
107.5 SegundosB180
118.0 SegundosB200
128.5 SegundosB220
139.0 SegundosB250
149.5 SegundosB280
1510.0 SegundosB310
1610.5 SegundosB350
1711.0 SegundosB390
1811.5 SegundosB430
1912.0 SegundosB470
2012.5 SegundosB510
2113.0 SegundosB560
Research Stats
Nível Custo de
Tempo de
Nível de Desenvolvedor
1B2,04850024 Horas4
2B4,09657530 Horas4
3B8,00065036 Horas5
4B16,00072542 Horas5
5B32,00080048 Horas6
6B48,00082554 Horas6
7B60,00085060 Horas7
8B80,00087566 Horas7
9B100,00090072 Horas8
10B120,00093080 Horas8
11B140,00096088 Horas9
12B160,0001,00096 Horas9
13B180,0001,080104 Horas9
14B200,0001,160112 Horas10
15B220,0001,250120 Horas10
16B260,0001,375132 Horas10
17B300,0001,500144 Horas11
18B340,0001,625156 Horas11
19B380,0001,750168 Horas11
20B420,0001,875180 Horas12
21B440,0002,000192 Horas12
TotalB3,510,14423,2052,004 Horas12

Balance Updates Edit

  • On 20th December 2016, Shocker stun times were reduced by 1-4 seconds, depending on level.

Archives Edit

Tips Edit

  • Shocker can prevent firewall regeneration on nodes which take a long time to capture, such as Code Gates, Black ICE, or the Core.
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