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Effective node protection with regeneration. Its randomized algorithm is useful to protect nodes under constant pressure.

The Protector is a Brute Force Defensive Program which protects captured nodes against attacks from Security Nodes. The Protector will absorb damage equal to its Buffer Size. The Protector regenerates 7% per second of its total Buffer Size over time. Once the Buffer Size is depleted, the Protector will be removed from the node.

Statistics Edit

  • Notes: While the Protector is technically allowed to upgrade at the Evolver levels displayed, the Capacity of B-coins that can be held at those levels may not be sufficient to purchase the upgrade.
    More Info here: Max amount of B-coins at Core Level.
Program Stats
Level Buffer
Per Second
Research Stats
Level Upgrade
Evolver Level
1B1,0243004 Hours3
2B4,09645012 Hours3
3B8,00047518 Hours4
4B16,00050024 Hours4
5B32,00057530 Hours5
6B48,00065036 Hours5
7B60,00072542 Hours6
8B80,00080048 Hours6
9B100,00082554 Hours7
10B140,00085060 Hours7
11B160,00087566 Hours8
12B180,00090072 Hours8
13B200,00093080 Hours9
14B220,00096088 Hours9
15B260,0001,00096 Hours10
16B300,0001,080104 Hours10
17B340,0001,160112 Hours11
18B380,0001,250120 Hours11
19B420,0001,375132 Hours12
20B460,0001,500144 Hours12
21B500,0001,750168 Hours12

Comparison of StatisticsEdit

  • ICE Wall and Protector level 1 statistics
Program Firewall Disk Usage Install Time Regeneration
Ice Wall40020.5 secondsNone
Protector65044 seconds45.5 per second

Two ICE Walls cost the same disk space to install as one Protector. It takes an additional 3.5 seconds to install the latter, for a bonus of 45.5 firewall regeneration per second.

Comparison of Practical Usage Edit

The ICE Wall can be installed quickly on a node that was just captured, potentially saving the node and giving you time to install offensive programs. Installing offensive programs first will works for more damage, as long as the node is able to sustain enough damage. This method also allows the node to regenerate until the shield breaks. Use the first tactic on low firewall nodes such as Scanner and the Guardian.

Once installed, even though the Protector has less than the combined Firewall of 2 ICE Walls, the regeneration makes up for it as long as the Protector stays under attack for 3.3 seconds.

Efficiency Edit

Disk usage wise, 2 ICE walls equal 1 Protector.

Be aware of having both ICE Wall and Protector remaining once the node is 100% secure. If this happens, using fewer ICE Walls and letting the Protector take more damage, or using an ICE Wall instead of the Protector for cheaper costs/using less disk space would be more efficient.

Tips Edit

  • A node that is guarded by the Protector will show a revolving white/magenta light around it. This light depletes as the Protector absorbs damage, is restored as the shield regenerates, and disappears completely when the shield is destroyed.
  • Protectors work well on nodes that are under heavy pressure, however beware that the node may get recaptured before the Protector is activated, wasting the program.
  • Protector can be used on a node that doesn't have a free slot to place it in. Doing so will remove the first installed Beam Cannon, Shuriken, Worm or ICE Wall.
  • Protector shields are consumed after ICE Wall shields.
  • The Protector can work well on a Guardian or well defended Core since they allow so many Security Nodes to be connected to them.
  • A level 3 Shocker takes 0.5 seconds to install and shocks for 3.5 seconds. Installing a Shocker level 3 or higher and a Protector quickly will ensure the successful install of the Protector. Be aware that Turret has a 0.5 second damage delay, and other security functions take even longer.
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