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Battering ram Ion cannon Blaster Kraken
Battering Ram Beam Cannon Blaster Kraken
Maniac Shuriken Shock Worms
Maniac Shuriken Shocker Worms

Summary Edit

Offensive programs are the standard method of hacking a network. Using attacks such as Beam Cannon, Worms, and even a mighty Kraken, a player can overwhelm any Security Nodes placed on a network by force. This method of attack is is referred to as using "Brute Force" and differs significantly from the more subtle Stealth attacks.

Attack Priorities Edit

Different programs have different methods of attack, with some programs also having additional special abilities. When an offensive program has a choice of which node to attack, most programs select a target using the following criteria.

Priority list: (Updated for Patch v1.025 - see Patch Notes)

  1. Active Security Nodes - (Sentry, Turret, Black ICE). Other Security Nodes (Guardian, Scanner, and Code Gate) are considered regular nodes in this regard.
  2. The Core.
  3. Black Nodes - Nodes with an installed antivirus.
  4. Partially Black Nodes - Nodes where an antivirus is currently being loaded.
  5. White Nodes and Upgrading Nodes - Nodes which are upgrading and Nodes where an antivirus is not present.
  6. Nodes under the Wraith effect.

Attacking Methods Edit

The Wiki lists Programs as having an "Attack Style" and a "Targetting Style":

  • Attacks from a Projectile type program take a small amount of time to reach the target. The Projectile Speed and frequency of projectiles is also listed.
  • Attacks from a Beam type program reach the target instantly. As of Patch v1.011, Programs incur a small delay when acquiring a new target, which is listed as Targeting Delay.
  • Focused programs such as the Beam Cannon do not change target once they start attacking a node.
  • Dynamic programs such as Blasters and Worms will change target if a higher priority node is targetable.
  • AoE programs such as Shuriken activate when any connected node becomes targetable.

Trivia Edit

The Brute-Force attack was most likely named after the real Brute-Force attack, were decoders trying many passwords or passphrases with the hope of eventually guessing correctly.

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