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Make a back door connection in stealth mode with the Portal program. A node with Portal installed becomes red. You may start your brute force attack from there.

The Portal is a Stealth Program which lets you start an attack from the node it was installed on. Once the Brute Force phase starts, the node installed with a Portal is considered captured. Similar to Wraith, the Portal deletes itself once installed.

Statistics Edit

  • Notes: While the Portal is technically allowed to upgrade at the Evolver levels displayed, the Capacity of B-coins that can be held at those levels may not be sufficient to purchase the upgrade.
    More Info here: Max amount of B-coins at Core Level.
Program Stats
(per second)
155 / SecondB160
250 / SecondB320
348 / SecondB480
446 / SecondB640
544 / SecondB800
642 / SecondB960
740 / SecondB1,120
838 / SecondB1,280
936 / SecondB1,440
1034 / SecondB1,600
1132 / SecondB1,760
1230 / SecondB1,920
1328 / SecondB2,080
1426 / SecondB2,240
1524 / SecondB2,400
1622 / SecondB2,560
1720 / SecondB2,720
1818 / SecondB2,880
1916 / SecondB3,040
2014 / SecondB3,200
2112 / SecondB3,360
Research Stats
Evolver Level
1B16,00050024 Hours6
2B32,00057530 Hours6
3B48,00065036 Hours7
4B60,00072542 Hours7
5B80,00080048 Hours8
6B100,00082554 Hours8
7B120,00085060 Hours9
8B140,00087566 Hours9
9B160,00090072 Hours9
10B180,00093080 Hours10
11B200,00096088 Hours10
12B220,0001,00096 Hours10
13B260,0001,080104 Hours11
14B300,0001,160112 Hours11
15B340,0001,250120 Hours11
16B380,0001,375132 Hours11
17B420,0001,500144 Hours12
18B440,0001,625156 Hours12
19B460,0001,750168 Hours12
20B480,0001,875180 Hours12
21B500,0002,000192 Hours12
TotalB4,936,00023,2052,004 Hours12

Tips Edit

  • Make your way to the node you wish to Portal by using Access programs.
  • Portal can not be installed on Code Gates with an active filter. Use Wraith to disable them first.
  • Nodes with Portal installed do not count as a netConnection, therefore Kraken can not be installed there.
  • Depending on location, it is generally useful to portal on a node with plenty of program slots and high firewall, such as the Core or Black ICE, or a node with many connections to quickly advance.
  • It is generally a high risk to Portal onto a chokepoint or any node with low firewall directly connected to a security node.
  • Since a node with portal installed is considered captured, use this to your advantage by portaling on a security node - it may save you a Wraith or at least precious time.
  • Protect your Portal - the network will attempt to recapture the node instantly. Attack can not be started from the portal once it has been recaptured.
  • Beware of Scanners - since Portal takes a long time to install, Scanners may alert the network before you are able to completely install Portal on a node.
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