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Hackers is a mobile multiplayer strategy game, where players build 3D networks using a futuristic interface to hack networks of other players, increasing their reputation to become the best hacker in the world.

To achieve their goals, players have to gather resources by obtaining them from Business Nodes, hacking the networks of other players or by completing the different storyline missions that the game offers.


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Nodi Business

B-coin Mine 19-21Miniera B-coin  B-coin Mixer 19-21Mixer B-coin  Structure ConnectionConnessione Alla Rete 
Core 11-12Nucleo  Database 19-21Base di Dati  Server Farm 19-21Server Farm 

Nodi Difensivi

Black ICE 19-21Ghiaccio Nero  Code Gate 19-21Cancello Codice  Guardian 21Guardiano 
Scanner 19-21Scanner  Sentry 19-21Sentinella  Turret 19-21Torretta 

Nodi di Hacking

Compiler 04Compilatore  Evolver 11-12Sviluppatore  Program Library 17-21Libreria di Programmi 


Battering ram Ariete  Ion cannon Cannone del Fascio  Blaster Blaster  Kraken Kraken 
Maniac Maniaco  Shock Bomba Stordente  Shuriken Shuriken  Worms Vermi 


Icewall Parete de ICE  Protector Parete de ICE 


Access Accesso  Dataleach Sanguisuga di Dati  Portal Portale  Wraith Spettro 


Mappa del Mondo • Hacks • Missioni • Log di Sicurezza • Simulazioni • Reputazione 


Schermo di Casa • Costruzioni della Rete • Risorse •
Mercato Nero • Note dell'aggiornamento 


Guida Iniziale • Strategie D'attacco • Strategie Difensive • Dritte 

Latest activityEdit

  • discussion page Talk:Guardian
    new comment by Darkbitlike 5 hours ago
    Comment: You mean? Interaction with Blaster shot Bug? i know it really late and already fixed
  • new page Hello,
    created by A FANDOM user 6 hours ago
    New page: My name is Philip and I am CEO of Gooper Hermetic Ltd. Gooper is our patented MAGNETIC self-sealing waterproof Dry bag & Swimwear brand and we ar
    Summary: Hello,
  • discussion page Check a cheated account
    comment by A FANDOM user 11 hours ago
    A FANDOM user

    A FANDOM user

    There is an account named "Mr.H-hole" from Philippines, that person have hacked me 3 times eventhough I hadn't retrace or attac... 

  • discussion page Talk:Missions
    new comment by Luminaar 16 hours ago
    Comment: Marty is a resilient guy - he always finds a way of bouncing back.
  • discussion page Talk:Beam Cannon
    new comment by Luminaar 16 hours ago
    Comment: Beam Level 4 shouldn't be available at Core Level 3. You're correct in that the maximum level B-coin Mixer you can have at Core 3 is a B-coin Mixer...
  • discussion page Talk:Missions
    edited comment by Darkbitlike 23 hours ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Missions
    new comment by Darkbitlike 1 day ago
    Comment: At Cyber Alliance Mission [US Goverment Mission] if we completed Marty mission [Cyber Alliance Mission] then there will no any new mission or message...
  • discussion page Talk:Beam Cannon
    edited comment by Darkbitlike 1 day ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Beam Cannon
    new comment by Darkbitlike 1 day ago
    Comment: How do Level 4 Beam Cannon Possible on Core Level 3 where i still got 2048 total of b-coin mixer (max b-coin mixer total for core level 3)
  • discussion page Talk:World Map
    new comment by Luminaar 1 day ago
    Comment: A successful network hack is one where any of the hack conditions - Download the Core, Loot all resources or have access to all nodes - is completed....