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Compiler 04 Evolver 11-12 Program Library 17-21
Compiler Evolver Program Library

Introduction Edit

Hacking Nodes are used to compile, store and upgrade programs used in launching attacks from the World Map. Attacks will gain you resources used for buying and upgrading defences, and gain you reputation to unlock new Skins and lucrative Missions.

  • Compiler: Creates programs used for Hacks.
  • Program Library: Stores all your compiled programs.
  • Evolver: Used for developing new ways to infiltrate networks, and upgrades already known programs.
Hackers Wikia - Nodes
Nodes Programs Permainan
Node Bisnis

B-coin Mine 19-21Tambang B-coin  B-coin Mixer 19-21Mixer B-coin  Structure ConnectionKoneksi Internet 
Core 11-12Inti  Database 19-21Database  Server Farm 19-21Tambang Uang 

Nodes Keamanan

Black ICE 19-21PGE-Hitam  Code Gate 19-21Gerbang Kode  Guardian 21Penjaga 
Scanner 19-21Pemindai  Sentry 19-21Sentri  Turret 19-21Turet 

Nodes Hacking

Compiler 04Penyusun  Evolver 11-12Evolver  Program Library 17-21Pustaka Program 

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