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Summary Edit

Connects your network to the internet. All intrusions start from here.
Higher levels of the Core may need more netConnections.

The netConnection is a Business Node that serves as the gateway to other networks. These are represented in the game by a red rotating world map. Similar to the Core and other Hacking Nodes, it is an essential part of every network.

The maximum number of netConnections you can have on your network is five. When deleting nodes, you will be unable to delete a netConnection unless you have more than the minimum number of connections required for your Core.

The netConnection does not produce any resources or provide any functionalities to the local network besides the Internet connection. Upgraded Cores require a mininum number of netConnections. A netConnection cannot be captured and the programs installed on it are always functional. Any node in the network must be within 9 connections from any netConnection as designated by the Reach statistic.

Tips Edit

  • Security Nodes placed next to a netConnection tend to be wasted, as netConnections can not be compromised.
  • Consider attaching netConnections to low value nodes like Compiler, Evolver or Program Library. This way, a hacker will not gain resources immediately and your Turret/Black ICE nodes can attempt to regain control of the compromised nodes.
  • Install only the necessary number of netConnections. More netConnection allows a Hacker to have more points of entry to the network and can prove especially fatal facing a Kraken.
  • netConnection(s) connected directly or closely to the Core make it easy to download, often resulting in an easy win condition for the attacker and a loss of Reputation.
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B-coin Mine 19-21Bitcoin Madeni  B-coin Mixer 19-21Bitcoin Mikseri  Structure ConnectionNet Bağlantısı 
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Compiler 04Derleyici  Evolver 11-12Geliştirici  Program Library 17-21Program Kitaplığı 

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