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  • I live in United Kingdom
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  • Are you into hacking at all?

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  • The description of building threads reads: "Each additional Building Thread provides the same boost as the previous thread, and costs twice as much", well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I was expecting for the time to be halved each time, since the "boost" from 1 to 2 bt, is halving the time. I was a bit disapointed when i found out that its not the same boost, more like, 1bt - full time, 2bt - 1/2, 3bt 1/3 and I presume 1/4 and 1/5 for the others.

    My intention is not to be annoying about detail, just though it could use a better descripion, maybe. Sorry to bother you

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    • It's a common misconception, but each thread does provide the same amount of utility. Each building thread assigned to a build/upgrade causes time to pass at 1 real time second per thread assigned.

      When 1 second per thread is expressed as a percentage however, the total time taken results in 100%/50%/33%/25%/20% of the original time. ie, 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 of the required time. While this does look less effective as more threads are added, this is not the case, as each thread is working at the same rate as the previous one, ie, 1 second reduction per second.

      If time was to half at each additional thread, this would result in the following with a 1 hour build:

      • 1 hour with 1 thread
      • 30 minutes with 2 threads
      • 15 minutes with 3 threads
      • 7.5 minutes with 4 threads
      • 3.75 minutes with 5 threads

      As you can see, it doesn't take this long to start looking ridiculous. With just 5 additional threads, each thread performs 3.75 minutes of construction, totalling in 18.75 minutes, yet manage to do 60 minutes worth of building. Extend this to 10 threads, and each thread only has to work for ~7 seconds to complete a 60 minute build ;)

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    • Oh, of course, that makes complete sense! Thank you.
      Well, in my defense, I though 5 was the maximum number of building threads, and when facing several days/weeks of update, I must confess that halving each time doesn't sound that silly xD
      But of course makes much more sense that methodology. I guess was just wishful thinking! Thank you for enlighten me.

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    • Anytime. :)

      Yeah, I hear ya - some of the building times at later levels do seem to take forever, although they are fair overall. The Scanner and Sentry ones are especially crippling if you only have 1 of them, due to the node being out of commission due the upgrade - ofc, having just the one is an individual player choice. :P (Man, I'd go multiple Scanners and Sentries if I restarted :P)

      5 is indeed the maximum number of building threads, I was just using that methodology to emphasise the diminishing requirements. Still, between 2 weeks with one thread and around 2 days with five, give me the latter every time :D

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    • Yes indeed, building threads are precious things xD As I'm low level, only have one high level sentry. I must think carefully from now on, since the time it takes to upgrade will be very crippling indeed. But i must admit, I'm in no rush to get to higher levels xD things get really tricky xD It is already hard to get (and protect) the resorces to evolve what I want.

      Well, thank you for the advice!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • So, this is one of the best examples I
    Screenshot kraken
    have of kraken ignoring the wraith deprioritization of a node.
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    • Oh, ok, indeed link priority can only be tested with someone. I've started this game just a few days ago, and since it has been arround for a while, honestly, I'm amazed that kraken wasn't "studied" before. Unfortunatly I do not know anyone in the game to follow up on this study, sorry.

      Regarding the "default path", when I took the last screenshot (3 of the second image) I waited for the node to get full black, only then installed the kraken, so, i dont think the "default path" is selected when kraken is installed, but rather it's built in the network.

      If I can provide any further details or tests I will. Thank you

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    • Thanks for the info regarding waiting for the AV to fully install.

      In hindsight, it would make sense that the network has a pre-defined path laid out for a Kraken, especially since it is known that the path remains the same - it wouldn't make too much sense to have to "walk the path" first and then force the Kraken to take the same steps if something changes. Easiest game design option would indeed be for the Kraken know the path beforehand. :D

      I've made a preliminary adjustment to the Kraken page based on both previous and current information, but any further details/test results would be very much appreciated. Thank you too. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you think it's a good idea to place a medium-level guardian behind a Code Gate? The theory is:

    Hacker uses ram to break gate. Guardian shield blocks it.

    Guardian shield breaks. Ram starts attacking gate.

    Before the gate can be broken, another shield arrives.

    So it should take quite a while to break.

    This is for lower levels, where you can't just use some L18 beam cannons to break down a gate (lol).

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    • Lemme wraith >->

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    • I certainly don't mind the tactic. :)

      The long term plan is usually to force the attacker to spend more programs than they wish to, to progress though your network. Connecting a Guardian to a Code Gate can certain extend the life of a Gate, but it can equally extend the life of any node. If the attacker was going to use a Battering Ram regardless, you've essentially let them use the same high power weapon on both the Guardian and the Gate, and it's not costing them anything extra.

      Connecting it to a relatively low level Code Gate that they didn't think they needed to Ram however, and now you've created an additional point where *not* using a Ram takes a lot longer than expected, and will buy you far more than the additional 3.5 seconds the attacker requires for an additional Ram blast in the scenario above. Give attackers as many ways as possible to make a mistake ;)

      As you mention, at higher levels this won't work so well. Not only can Beams do well against low level Gates, but there's more program space for additional Wraiths and Rams.

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    • I'm talking mid-level. The point is to delay them rather than to make them run out of progs. Because time seems to be the killer once you're above the noob level.

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    • Code Gates are still a viable target mid-game. Essentially, you want Guardian shields to proc as many times as possible to get the most out of it. Attaching it to a Code Gate is a sure fire way to get a least 2 additional shields out of it. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Buenos Diaz,

    I tried to calculate some math about the black Ice and scanner choke vs protector, but, which is better? Turret and scanner choke w/ sentry vs protector or black ice and scanner choke w/ sentry vs protector , correct my calculations if I'm wrong:

    3x Black Ice lvl 21

    damage per blast in 6.5 sec: 889

    added to

    1x Sentry lvl 21

    Damage/ node in 6.5 sec: 851.5

    1x Scanner lvl 1


    1x Protector

    Buffer size: 10,640

    Regen in 6.5 sec: 4842.5




    Total damage per 6.5 sec: 5221.5

    Deducted from regen: 379/6.5 sec= ~58/sec

    Time to fully destroy protector: ~183 secs

    Since black ice needs 6.5 seconds to fire, I made all the equation equal 6.5 seconds by n* 6.5. And on the last 2 equation, convert it back to per second, so n/6.5. Is it correct? 

    So...pretty long...

    3x Turret lvl 21

    Damage per second: 145/ node

    1x Sentry lvl 21 

    Damage per second: 131/ node



    Buffer size: 10640

    Regen/ sec: 745


    145*3 =435


    Total damage: 828

    Deducted from regen: 83

    Time to fully destroy protector: ~128 secs

    Did I made the right calculations?

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    • Thanks! I have both time and bitcoins but I think I will go with ice walls after all. I like long term planning.

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    • Thanks Luminaar. :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • My account in hackers have been overlapped, I can connect to google play but not on facebook? Can you help me? Thanks. My username is Cross, level 36 (well, the level of my 2nd account, the one who overlapped my level 25, Cross, account) Hope it helps locate my account! :D

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    • You're welcome. :)

      If you've somehow managed to get 2 different networks on the same email address, there's a decent chance that the second network has overwritten the first one. Since it was connected at some point though, there's a chance it'll be able to be restored at least. :)

      The address to send it to is - send a message there, and they'll check to see if your network exists first, and if so, explain a way to recover it.

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    • Thank you so much! I'll try to ask them. :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello i am translating hackerswiki pages to Turkish. But i think i need some help about how will i do somethings? for example: Red text i translate but translated text doesn't canalize to true pages.

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    • Hey again Delemagon,

      If a text is showing in red, that means that the link is pointing to a page that doesn't exist. - If any link shows in red, please check that the link is pointing to the correct page. - As all article pages that are required for the game have already been created, there is no need to make a new page for any article. If you're looking for a specific link, all of the links for Turkish pages can be found at the bottom of the page here.

      I've reverted your changes to the FrontPage-Turkish template, as other pages are dependent on them. Most pages are named in the same way as in-game, to help players transition from the game to here. If you wish to have the text say something different than the link then use:

       [[The link that is used|The text that is displayed]]
      to display the correct text. For example:
       [[Hackleme Bağlantı|Hackleme Devresi]] 

      If an article must be renamed, please communicate that with me, as there will be more than just the pagename to change to have things working correctly.

      Also, there is only a single set of images on the wiki, as there is no need for a renamed image for every language. For example, there is no "B-Coin Madeni" image, as it's the same icon as the B-Coin Mine.png image :)

      I did see the Bitxoin error though ;) That was due to the source info saying Bitxoin. :P As above, since 1 change results in numerous dependencies being affected, I've renamed the Bitxoin page to Bitcoin, as well as changed the Front Page, Node and Flag templates to point to the correct page. I've also deleted the duplicate page that was created.

      I've gone to great lengths to create most things that are needed for every language, and am currently in the process of updating all the pages with the latest information. (So far, all the nodes are complete and ready for translation, and the programs are in progress.) If there's anything I can help out with, leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

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    • I respect you. Thanks a lot :)

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    • Thank you for the kind words :)

      I believe your previous question may have been to do with the text in the red boxes, such as "Availability/Node Statistics", and not the "red text" that comes from a broken link.

      If so, the template that you're looking for is here. It's a little bit of a minefield, but if you stick to just changing anything written in Black, you should be fine ;)

      Depending on which editor you use, you may have a few issues changing the page. If so, if you write me a list such as:

      Availability Statistics = Doluluk durumu istatistikleri
      Connectivity Statistics = Bağlantı İstatistikleri
      Node Statistics = Düğüm İstatistikleri etc.

      ... I'll gladly make the changes for you. The Virtual editor can be especially cumbersome at times.

      As always, any queries - let me know :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Been hearing some talk about a Discord for Hackers. Do you know anything about it?

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    • I certainly do!

      The link to it is here: - or if that one has expired, there's one on the main page. They also ask for a screenshot of your network to show you play the game (as there's a decent number of people looking for "Hackers" for other reasons :D)

      Is there anything else you need to know? :)

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    • Np, thanks a lot!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello, can I have a picture of the image on the Navigation Bar as well as the new Wiki Wordmark?

    Also, I will not be available on Discord for a while.

    And finally, will you be able to delete all the Chinese pages on the English wiki (that way users will edit into the Chinese wiki)?


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    • I'm not 100% sure why you're so insistent on having the pages here deleted, especially since players are actively using the pages here. :( I see no issue with having information duplicated here to increased availability. There are multiple links on the main page which direct to zh.wikia/Chinese navigation menus if individual players would prefer that.

      Regarding translators on Discord, I can certainly ask them to take a look at zh.wikia, as I understand you will need help with the project. I have zero control over contributors however - like yourself, they do things when they have the time!

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    • The reason to have them deleted is that if one of the two (eg the English wiki Chinese pages) are updated and the other one is not, it will look very strange. Most wikis usually once the languages are set up, the pages are kept in the other wiki. It would be better just to keep them in their own wikis, as the users will understand to have the pages in their own respective wikis. 

      Also, if you are able, it would be good to send a request to Wikia asking to enable these three things for this wiki: 

      • Discussions (as an improved version of the Forums)
      • ImportJS (extra tools to improve this wiki, such as the Discord Integrator Widget)
      • Abuse Filter (a program which if vandalism is detected, it will prevent the edit from being published)
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Luminaar.

    1) I am about to get seriously pissed about the auto-disconnect function in the game. I often play for longer than 3 hours (just because I forget about the time and keep playing) and I play actively: seeking hacking targets, hack them, loot resourses and seek new targets. I do this to climb in the hacking reputation ranks.

    What happenned to me now already for the third time in a reasonable short time is that I start a hack in the wold map, and WHILE the screen becomes blank to load the network layout of my target, I suddenly get the message 'Online too long. You have been disconnected or someone else is hacking you'. I cannot do anything else but restarting the app, only to notice that the app recorded my hack I started (but I even did not have the change to see the target's network layout) AND FAILED the hack.

    I already lost 48 reputation points from this. I find it frustrating that an active players gets punished for being active by getting failed hack penalties when the hack itself was not even started. Those failed hacks are listed in your hack history but you can not review them because the button is greyed out. So the app itself sees there is something wrong, but the rep deduction comes anyways. Some players in the world map are almost never reachable because they seem online a long time. So this can be done to safeguard against some hacking without any penalties, it seems. But if an active player is online for long enough time and starts a hack ... well ... then he surely must be punished for being active, right ???

    Either the dev should stop punish active players by getting their rep killed on a fake failed hack, or he should program the app so that a disconnection can never happen when the user just pressed the button to connect to another network (from within the World map). Please fix this or state that active players WILL get punished for being active.

    2) This is an issue in the World map that happens to me a lot: I am right handed. I play the game on my phone. When I want to look at a network of a player displayed in the world map and reach for the CONNECT button, the app very often registers me pressing the 'refresh target' button and just refreshes the world map instead of showing the network of the target, costing me to lose that target AND costing me the credits for the refresh. I already must have lost over a million credits this way. It gets annoying. It should be much user friendly if the app displays a pop-up asking if you really want to refresh the search or not. This way, accidentally refreshing the world map would be avoided. The problem is not caused by a faulty calibration of the screen. I do lots of other things on my phone and have no callibration issues of the toutch screen in any app. The problem is that the 2 buttons (connect and refresh) are displayed right next to each other and the app (possibly because of the position of my hand) registeres the wrong button press. Not user friendly. If a pop-up is not what the dev wants to do, then he just has to place the 'refresh' button on top of the screen instead of below (right next to the connect button of the network on the world map). Putting that button on another place on the screen would even involve less programming than a pop-up. So I see no reason why this would not be addressed.

    Please Luminaar, reply to me about those 2 issues. I know you do a great job and I respect your time and energy you put into this wikia. My frustration now is pointed towards those issues I have spoken of and are not directed to you. But I need to know if those problems are getting to be addressed in the future updates or not, because it is killing my fun playing this game. In case you want to look up if I tell the truth about failed hacks due to getting kicked by the app after pressing the connect button, my ingame name is changed from 'frankukai' to 'Bloody_Mary'. All failed hacks I talk about happened when I played with 'Bloody_Mary'.

    Best Regards, Frank

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    • Hey Frank, it's been a while :) Hope you're keeping well outside of the Hacker-related issues.

      1) What's happening from a technical point of view, is that your connection is "opened" when you view another network, but your "open connection" is being hijacked. This got fixed a while back, so it's seeming as though there's potentially a window where this can go wrong, given that this seems to be happening to you while you're loading the target network. I have a request from TA regarding letting them know if this happens again, so the best I can do for the moment is forward this to them and get back to you on the matter.

      2) Screen real estate is a valuable thing on most most devices, so while compact icons are necessary, I can certainly see where this may cause issues. It's doubtful a confirmation will be seen as viable, but I'll pass on options with the details you mentioned above, with regards to relocating the button, swapping it with the home network button, or maybe even reducing the "hit box" of the button itself.

      I have no reason to doubt your word :) I'll pass the two bits of info on, and let you know if I hear something back. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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