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Release the Kraken! Its monstrous tentacles come from netConnections and head straight towards the Core. The more tentacles join together, the stronger the Kraken is.

The Kraken is a Brute Force Offensive Program which attacks nodes using the shortest possible path towards the network's Core. When there are multiple nodes of equal distance from the Core, it will attack nodes according to standard attack priorities.

One Kraken program can be installed on each netConnection in a network. They cannot be installed by the user on any other type of node.

Each Kraken program automatically installs one copy of itself on each node it captures. If the next node along its path already has a Kraken installed, their tentacles merge together and they combine their strength while still occupying only one program slot. The strength of a Kraken program on each installed node is equal to its program strength multiplied by the number of Kraken programs that have converged up to that point. As of v1.030, Kraken overwrites worms on a full node. Kraken will not overwrite any other offensive or defensive programs.

They will continue this pattern until they capture the Core, then they will simultaneously attack all hostile nodes connected to the Core, similar to the Shuriken. As of Patch v1.011, the damage to nodes connected to the Core is equal to the Kraken's base program strength with no multipliers. Attacks from the Core do not install the Kraken onto connected nodes.

If a node with Kraken installed is recaptured, all tentacles which pass through the node will be severed and forcibly removed from all nodes after the break point. This does not directly cause any other captured nodes to be lost, even if all program slots become empty.

In this video you can see an example of a network attacked by a Kraken program.

Statistics Edit

Estadísticas Programas
Nivel Strength
(DPS 1-5x)
Estadísticas de Investigación
Nivel Costo
Nivel Evolucionador
1B8,00047512 Horas5
2B16,00050018 Horas5
3B32,00060024 Horas6
4B48,00070030 Horas6
5B60,00080036 Horas7
6B80,00083042 Horas7
7B100,00086048 Horas8
8B120,00090054 Horas8
9B140,00093060 Horas9
10B160,00096066 Horas9
11B180,0001,00072 Horas9
12B200,0001,08080 Horas10
13B220,0001,16088 Horas10
14B260,0001,25096 Horas10
15B300,0001,330104 Horas11
16B340,0001,410112 Horas11
17B380,0001,500120 Horas11
18B420,0001,625132 Horas11
19B440,0001,750144 Horas12
20B460,0001,875168 Horas12
21B480,0002,000180 Horas12
TotalB4,444,00023,4351,686 Horas12

Tips Edit

  • Krakens have limited use against networks that have their Core placed near their netConnections.
  • Similar to Worms, Krakens can attack multiple consecutive nodes using a single program.
  • Krakens only occupy one Program slot on any given node regardless of the number of merged tentacles.
  • Only one Kraken can be installed on each netConnection.
  • Nodes with a Portal installed do not count as a netConnection and cannot have the Kraken installed on them.
  • Kraken can save space in libraries with its duplication and on nodes with its convergence, all while consolidating power, which is particularly useful against Code Gates and other tough nodes en route to the Core.
  • On chokepoints, the Kraken will only attack one of the connected nodes, leaving the chokepoint vulnerable to any other securities. Consider bringing Shockers, ICE Walls or Shurikens along if that poses a problem.
  • It is not always best to use as many Krakens as possible - consider the placement of the core, the nodes and security in between, the level of your Kraken program and what else you could use extra disk space for when deciding how many to compile.
  • [Visual Bug] Rarely, the Kraken will appear to not be severed when one of the nodes along its path is recaptured by the network's defenses.

Trivia Edit

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