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Program Library 17-21

"All your complex programs are stored in Libraries. Upgrade the Library to increase its capacity."

Program Library 01 Program Library 02-04 Program Library 05-07
Level 1 Level 2-4 Level 5-7
Program Library 08-11 Program Library 12-16 Program Library 17-21
Level 8-11 Level 12-16 Level 17-21

Summary Edit

The Program Library is a Hacking Node where compiled programs are stored. Upgrading a Program Library will increase the amount of disk space. A Program Library node that is being upgraded does not decrease the number of programs that can be stored.

The programs stored in this node are not considered resources. If the Node is captured via hacking, the stored programs will not be stolen.

The contents of the Program Library can be accessed by tapping the virus button in the game interface. From there, installed programs can be erased to make room for new programs. You can build a second library at Core Level 5 and a third at Core Level 9.

The icon of the node in the network represents the number of installed programs in it.

Statistics Edit

Node ConnectionsProgram Slots
Core Level1 - 45 - 89 - 12
Max # of
Program Libraries
Level Firewall Capacity Cost Completion
Core Level
120020B15015 minutes1 Program Library 01
222025B18030 minutes Program Library 02-04
324030 B5001 hour
426535B2,0004 hours4
529540B4,0006 hours 5 Program Library 05-07
632045B8,00012 hours6
735550B30,00024 Hours7
839055B45,00036 hours7Program Library 08-11
943060B60,000 9
11 E70
12 E75 Program Library 12-16
13 E80
14 E85
15 E90
16 E95
17 E100 Program Library 17-21
18 E105
19 E110
20 E115
21 E120

Tips Edit

  • Building extra Program Libraries will significantly boost the number of programs you can store.
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