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Summary Edit

"Black ICE is a strong local security unit. The control of any hostile node can be taken over very fast.
Upgrade it to increase its strength and firewall."

Black ICE is an offensive Security Node. During the Brute Force phase of an attack, it charges up when a node connected to it is captured, then fires a blast similar to that of the Blaster program dealing a large amount of damage to the captured node.

Black ICE nodes will target captured nodes connected to it and will attack one node at a time. However, if Black ICE is connected to multiple captured nodes and its original target becomes secured by the network, it will switch to another compromised node according to Attack Priorities without losing charge time. Charge time is reset once all nodes connected to a Black ICE are secure.

The maximum level a Black ICE can be upgraded to is 21[1]. The maximum number of Black ICEs you can have on your network is three. Unlike Business Nodes, there are no restrictions on deleting Black ICE nodes from the network.

Statistics Edit

Defensive Stats
(per hit)
Construction Stats
Core Level
1$8,0003756 Hours3
2$65,00045012 Hours4
3$125,00047518 Hours4
4$250,00050024 Hours5
5$500,00065036 Hours6
6$750,00080048 Hours7
7$1,000,00085060 Hours7
8$1,500,00090072 Hours7
9$2,000,00095092 Hours8
10$3,000,0001,00096 Hours8
11$4,000,0001,125108 Hours9
12$5,000,0001,250120 Hours9
13$6,000,0001,375132 Hours10
14$7,000,0001,500144 Hours10
15$8,000,0001,750168 Hours10
16$9,000,0002,000192 Hours11
17$10,000,0002,500216 Hours11
18$11,000,0003,000240 Hours11
19$12,000,0003,500264 Hours12
20$13,000,0004,000288 Hours12
21$14,000,0004,500312 Hours12
Totals$108,198,00034,4502,948 Hours12

Gallery Edit

Black ICE 01 Black ICE 02-03 Black ICE 04-05
Level 1 Levels 2-3 Levels 4-5
Black ICE 06-07 Black ICE 08-09 Black ICE 10-12
Levels 6-7 Levels 8-9 Levels 10-12
Black ICE 13-15 Black ICE 16-18 Black ICE 19-21
Levels 13-15 Levels 16-18 Levels 19-21

Tips Edit

  • Strength above is listed as damage per second.
  • Black ICE takes 3.5 seconds to charge each attack and projectiles take 3 seconds to reach the target. This means a node defended solely by Black ICE(s) with no antivirus installed can safely install a Protector without any supporting programs, such as Shocker or ICE Wall.
  • Black ICE starts in a secured state. (Black Node, but no antivirus installed). A Sentry connected to Black ICE will install an antivirus after 0.5 seconds.
  • When defending, position Black ICE in a way that the attacker cannot effectively use the 5 program slots it permits on capture.
  • A Black ICE with an antivirus installed will attack with both their blaster and antivirus attack, significantly increasing damage output.
  • Black ICE works well when attacking a captured node that has an ICE Wall or a Protector installed.
  • It is good in combination with the Turret. The Black ICE can destroy defensive programs on a captured node while the Turret recaptures the node. It is also good in combination with Guardian node, as the increased protection allows it more time to deal damage to defensive programs like ICE Wall or Protector.
  • In comparison to other nodes, it has a high amount of firewall.
  • At lower levels this node is not very effective, it is recommended to upgrade it in order for it to be useful.

Trivia Edit

ICE stands for Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics. This term was first introduced by science-fiction writer William Gibson to refer to a piece of computer software that protect systems from external attacks.

References Edit

  1. Trickster Arts Forums - Max Level
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