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Icewall Protector
ICE Wall Protector

Summary Edit

Defensive programs such as ICE Wall and Protector are used in conjunction with Offensive programs during a Brute Force hack.

Defensive Properties Edit

Defensive programs have the "Buffer Size" statistic. This represents the amount of damage they can intercept before Security Nodes continue taking over a node.

Tips Edit

  • They have no use in stealth attacks.
  • Once Buffer Size is depleted, it is removed from the node, freeing up a slot to place another program.
Offensivi Ariete(Italiano) • Cannone del Fascio • Blaster(Italiano) • Kraken(Italiano) • Maniaco • Shuriken(Italiano) • Bomba Stordente • Vermi 
Difensivi Parete de ICE • Protettore 
Furtivi Accesso • Sanguisuga di Dati • Portale • Spettro 

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