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Building a Network Edit

Building, rewiring and optimizing your network is paramount to your success in Hackers.

Building and Rewiring Edit

  • BUILDING NODES: New nodes can be purchased in the BUILD menu.
  • NODES LIMIT: Depending on the level of your Core, your network can support a specific number of nodes, (shown on the Total Nodes counter in the BUILD menu.) Upgrade your Core to place more nodes in your Network.
  • CONNECTING NODES: To connect two nodes simply press and hold on one node, drag your finger to the other node that you would like to connect to, then release your finger.
  • DISCONNECTING NODES: You can disconnect two nodes the same way as you connected them. Hold your finger on one node and then drag to the node you wish to remove, then release your finger.
  • CONNECTION SLOTS: Each node has a number of small circles underneath it. These are a node's Connection Slots, and show how many connections that node can have. For each connection with another node one slot is filled. Empty circles are empty slots.
  • REBUILD MODE: When the BUILD menu is open, you can find the REBUILD button in the top left corner. From there you can execute a special editing mode, making construction of your Network much easier (and even more fun).
  • BUILDING THREADS: Any node construction can be sped up by adding more Building Threads. Each player has two of them after tutorial. More can be purchased using Credits by clicking the "+" symbol besides "Building Threads" in the top right corner. Two Building Threads halve the build/upgrade time. (Three threads reduce it to one-third etc.) You can edit amount of Building Threads by tapping on the timer above the node under construction.

Upgrading Edit

  • To upgrade a node you need enough resources to purchase the upgrade, and meet the node's prerequisities for upgrading.
  • Any node which can be upgraded is shown by a red level number on the corresponding node.
  • Upgrading nodes are unable to attack with or spread an installed antivirus.
  • Most nodes that are under construction lose their normal abilities until the construction or upgrade is completed.
  • The Compiler, Program Library, B-coin Mixer and Database are not affected by upgrading and work as normal, but will not pass on antivirus or attack neighboring nodes even if it is installed.
  • Upgrading and adding nodes to your network increase your network level, shown in the top left corner of your network.
  • Cancelling an upgrade before it is complete will refund half of the upgrade cost, and will reduce your network level by the same amount of experience that the upgrade originally gave.

Deleting Nodes Edit

  • Basic nodes you built in the tutorial can not be deleted as they are necessary for progression.
  • To delete a node, select a node and press the (X) button. If it is not possible to remove a node and the button is greyed out, pressing the button will display a message explaining why.
  • If you are unable to delete a node which is somewhere in the middle of your network, you will have to position it so that deleting the node would not result in an invalid network. One way to do this is to connect your nodes in a way that has the node you wish to delete is placed at the end of your network. The easiest way to accomplish this is by using Rebuild Mode.
  • A network requires 2 Database nodes to upgrade past Core Level 7, so additional Databases may not be deleted.
  • You will be refunded half of the cost of your last upgrade price when you delete a node.
  • Deleting nodes does not refund any experience or reduce your network level.

Increasing your Network Level Edit

Building new nodes, and upgrading existing nodes, will gain you experience. As of Patch v1.020, you can now see exactly how much experience your network has gained. The following table shows the amount of experience required to gain a Network Level.

Level XP Level XP Level XP Level XP Level XP
1 0 16 24,100 31 93,100 46 207,100 61 366,100
2 300 17 27,300 32 99,300 47 216,300 62 378,300
3 600 18 30,700 33 105,700 48 225,700 63 390,700
4 1,300 19 34,300 34 112,300 49 235,300 64 403,300
5 2,100 20 38,100 35 119,100 50 245,100 65 416,100
6 3,100 21 42,100 36 126,100 51 255,100 66 429,100
7 4,300 22 46,300 37 133,300 52 265,300 67 442,300
8 5,700 23 50,700 38 140,700 53 275,700 68 455,700
9 7,300 24 55,300 39 148,300 54 286,300 69 469,300
10 9,100 25 60,100 40 156,100 55 297,100 70 483,100
11 11,100 26 65,100 41 164,100 56 308,100 71 497,100
12 13,300 27 70,300 42 172,300 57 319,300 72 511,300
13 15,700 28 75,700 43 180,700 58 330,700 73 525,700
14 18,300 29 81,300 44 189,300 59 342,300 74 540,300
15 21,100 30 87,100 45 198,100 60 354,100 75 555,100


  • New players will have at least 475 experience and a Level 2 Core upon exiting the tutorial.
  • Each level increase requires 200 xp more than previous level increase starting at level 4. (E.g. 1000 xp is required to advance from level 5 to level 6, and 1200 xp is required to advance from level 6 to level 7.
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