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The various 9sec Shields that are available.

Summary Edit

9Sec Company provide an external protection service that can be used to secure your network.

  • While the protection is active, other players wont be able to connect to your Network from the World Map or retrace you via the Network Logs, but you will also be unable to initiate hacks yourself.
  • When the shield is active and you try to connect to another network, the game will ask you if you want the shield removed.
  • Using a shield triggers a cooldown (mentioned below), in which you can not activate any new 9sec protection until the cooldown finishes.
  • Cooldowns start counting at the moment of shield activation.
Shield Type Protection Cost Cooldown
Black1 day100 C4 days
Silver2 days150 C7 days
Gold7 days250 C20 days
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