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Introduction Edit

Here are links to other pages on the Wiki that currently don't fall into any other category.

List of Miscellaneous topics.

  • Net Building - Information about building, rewiring, upgrading and deleting nodes on your Network.
  • World Map - Learn about initiating hacks, acquiring new targets, leaderboards and daily challenges.
  • Resources - View the different types of resources available in Hackers.
  • Credits - Details of the various ways to obtain and use Credits.
  • Building Threads - Learn about the purchase and use of Building Threads to speed up construction times.
  • Shields - Essential when you need to protect your network for longer periods of time.
  • Skins - How to customise your Network background and the appearance of your Nodes.
  • Missions - Statistics on Missions can be found here.
  • Black Market - Need protection or credits? The Family have you covered ... for a price.
  • Patch Notes - Hackers are always evolving! Changes to the game can be found here.
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