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B-coin Mine 19-21

"This accelerated system mines B-coins, a cryptocurrency no hacker can work without.
Upgrade it to increase the speed of B-coin production and capacity."

B-coin Mine 01 B-coin Mine 02-03 B-coin Mine 04-05 B-coin Mine 06-07 B-coin Mine 08-09
Level 1 Level 2-3 Level 4-5 Level 6-7 Level 8-9
B-coin Mine 10-12 B-coin Mine 13-15 B-coin Mine 16-18 B-coin Mine 19-21
Level 10-12 Level 13-15 Level 16-18 Level 19-21

Summary Edit

The B-Coin Mine (Bit Coin Mine) is a Business Node which produces B-Coin per hour based on its production speed. It can also store B-Coin equal to its production limit.

The B-Coin Mine will not produce B-Coins when it has reached its production limit or is being upgraded. The player must tap on the B-Coin Mine to transfer the B-Coins to a B-Coin Mixer node. When the B-Coin Mixer has reached its capacity due to a transfer, the excess B-Coin will be transferred back to the B-Coin Mine. The maximum level a B-Coin Mine can be upgraded to is 21[1].


Node ConnectionsProgram Slots
Core Level1 - 23 - 56 - 1011 - 12
Max # of
B-Coin Mine
Level Firewall Production
Production Speed
(per hour)
Core Level
1150B24B18$2501 minute1 B-coin Mine 01
2165B48B24$5005 minutes B-coin Mine 02-03
3185B72B32$1,0001 Hour
4205B192B42$2,0004 Hours B-coin Mine 04-05
5230B252B52$4,0006 Hours2
6255B384B64$8,00012 Hours3 B-coin Mine 06-07
7280B912B76$16,00018 Hours3
8310B1,056B88$32,00024 Hours4 B-coin Mine 08-09
9345B1,260B105$64,00030 Hours4
10385B1,440B120$128,00036 Hours5 B-coin Mine 10-12
11425B3,120B130$200,00042 Hours5
12470B3,600B150$250,00048 Hours6
13525B4,320B180$300,00060 Hours6 B-coin Mine 13-15
14580B5,040B210$400,00072 Hours7
15645B8,000B250$500,00092 Hours7
16720B9,600B300$550,00096 Hours8 B-coin Mine 16-18
17780B11,200B350$600,000104 Hours8
18885B14,500B450$700,000112 Hours9
19980B22,000B550$800,000120 Hours9 B-coin Mine 19-21
201,090B26,000B650$900,000128 Hours9
211,210B38,400B800$1,000,000136 Hours

References Edit

  1. Trickster Arts Forums - Max Level
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